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Taught Programmes

We offer a Single Honours undergraduate, and Master’s, course around Policy, Practice, and the Professional, which is aligned with CEPA members’ research interests.

Education BA (Hons)

Our Single Honours degree in Education Studies is also built around the theme of Education, Policy, Practice, and the Professional. The course encourages students to consider the variety of contexts in which education occurs, how education policy is made and shapes educational experience, and some of the social problems that experts believe education should address, or that they fear education might contribute to. The TV, internet, newspapers, and parliament, as well as schools and other contexts are sites of analysis during this course as students evaluate the degree to which they influence opinion or create cultural norms. 

Education MA

A third of the Education MA includes a 60-credit block Education, Policy and the Professional block, divided into two modules:

Education Policy, Governance, and Professionalism: Examining how education policies are shaped within and between local, national, and international agencies. From a range of disciplinary perspectives, students consider historical and emerging trends in how education is governed. This includes exploring the roles of different stakeholders involved in education policy including students, teachers, school governors, and national and international policy actors. Students gain a detailed understanding of contemporary national and international policies and how they relate to changing notions of students, teacher professionalism, and education more generally.

Learners and Learning in a Changing Landscape: Exploring different disciplinary perspectives to analyse developments in education and learning. This involves investigation into psychological theories on how we learn, philosophical perspectives on the current discourse of learning, historical perspectives on where theories of learning come from and how they have shaped schooling, and sociological perspectives on the impact of economic and social trends on our understanding of learning. This module gives consideration to contemporary social, political and technological factors which are shaping education in both formal and informal contexts.

Undergraduate Research Training

CEPA also coordinates training for the final year research project for students in Education Studies, offering the following workshops:

  • Aims, Research Questions, Methods
  • Your Literature Review
  • Empirical Ethics
  • Designing Interviews and Focus Groups
  • Undertaking Historical Research
  • Designing Surveys/Questionnaires
  • Undertaking Systematic/Narrative Reviews
  • Discourse Analysis
  • Theoretical Analysis
  • Qualitative Analysis
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Marking Your Own Work
  • Writing Up Your Project