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Higher Education

Research within this programme area examines the nature of change in higher education in the UK and internationally, and draws on a range of methodological, critical, theoretical, historical, and comparative perspectives. We are particularly interested in the dynamics of globalisation and internationalisation in higher education and assessing the ways in which transnational policies and metrics influence policies and practices in national contexts (and vice versa).

Our research to date has focused on several interdependent perspectives, from the critical analysis of policy documents and discourse to exploring how both students, academics, and other stakeholders, experience and negotiate the university landscape. We have a broad domestic and international commitment towards widening participation and social justice, as well as a focus on higher education pedagogy, academic identity and practice within the frameworks of institutional and sector wide change. We welcome enquiries from colleagues and potential research students for collaboration or guest presentations in relation to these areas.


Catherine O’Connell (co-ordinator), Babs Anderson, Phil Bamber, Richard Budd, Ian Stronach, Namrata Rao, Frank Su, Konstanze Spohrer, Tingting Yuan, Olga Ververi, Cathal O’Siochru

Doctoral Student: Sophia Deterala