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Citizenship and Social Cohesion

This key themes of this programme are ideas of belonging, character and social inclusivity, in terms of class and race, gender and nation. Particular foci include fundamental British Values, as articulated in policies designed to educate instill belonging and character in national and international contexts.

The programme has an important and ongoing strand on ‘fundamental British values’ (Prof. Ian Stronach, Dr Joseph Maslen) that attempts to analyse the evolving theory and practice of citizenship and identity education in contemporary Britain. The programme also seeks to interrogate languages of inequality (Dr Joseph Maslen, Dr Konstanze Spohrer) via a critical discourse analysis of the contested concepts of fairness in education. These incorporate the politics of social mobility and widening participation, as well as the trend towards character- and resilience-driven education policies in underachieving parts of the UK.


Joseph Maslen (co-ordinator), Phil Bamber, Cathal O'Siochru, Ian Stronach

Doctoral Students: Asli Kandemir, Khalil Akhbar